Tour Dates

**  COVID-19 UPDATE **
As you will be aware the guidelines for social gatherings has meant the cancellation of the remaining dates on the 'Any Last Requests' Tour.
Because this was the final tour we have not re-scheduled the dates, so please revert to your ticket vendor for a refund if you have not already done so.
***  The band and I are absolutely gutted that the last tour has ended this way, and we have plans to bring you something ONLINE as soon as we can.  Please join our Facebook Page or follow us on here for more news as we get it.  ***
THANK YOU all so much for your incredible support.  I will be writing, recording and bringing you live music again soon, but for now please stay home as much as you can, stay safe, don't empty the shelves, and keep an eye out for friends and neighbours.
BBB  xx
23 March 2020

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